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Perhaps it’s an insight on a wine & food pairing.

The back-story on a local microbrew.

A conversation about organic whiskey being pleasing to the palette and the earth.

Or perhaps just a special price on an old favorite.

From service & expertise, to an inspired selection, Red makes sure you get exactly what you’re looking for every time you grace our friendly establishment.

If you want to peruse the shelves, or share a sip of a new beverage, please make yourself right at home.

We are happy when you visit and want you to come back, often.

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What’s on Tap

Last updated on January 9, 2018 @ 4:10 PM
The Death of Civilization In Slow Motion (Ghost 621)
IPA - Imperial / Double
8.3% ABV
27.0 IBU
Adroit Theory
Purcellville, VA
Notes of Peach and Stone Fruit, Earthy Dank-ness, Minimal Bitterness, Dry Finish. Time seeps through the filter of the mind, down the throat of realization as you choke on your self-inflicted philistinism, like the smog that surrounds you. You are now a cog, a drone to that which provides you with the substance of life. The question is, "how did we get here?"
Aggressive Brunch
Stout - Imperial / Double
11.4% ABV
0.0 IBU
Black Flag Brewing Company
Columbia, MD
Imperial version of our Brunch, with more coffee and chocolate!
Dawn Patrol Coffee and Cream Stout
Stout - Other
7.0% ABV
51.0 IBU
3rd Wave Brewing Co.
Delmar, DE
A dark, luscious American style creamy milk stout. Lots of coffee flavor and a hint of sweetness. The dark roasted coffee is cold steeped to avoid bitterness, sweetness comes from the lactose sugar.
Aboriginal Gangster
IPA - American
6.5% ABV
60.0 IBU
Burley Oak Brewing Company
Berlin, MD
Can You Fig It?
5.0% ABV
0.0 IBU
Peabody Heights Brewery
Baltimore, MD
Pruneaux Lite Saison
Saison / Farmhouse Ale
6.4% ABV
30.0 IBU
Barley and Hops Brewpub
Frederick, MD
A light and refreshing, slightly tart saison, finished with red plums.

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