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What’s on Tap

Last updated on September 18, 2018 @ 3:02 PM
Right Brain (2018)
IPA - Imperial / Double New England
8.0% ABV
0.0 IBU
Manor Hill Brewing
Ellicott City, MD
For our 2018 version of the popular New England Style IPA, we took a dive into this styles fruit forward characteristics by adding more fruit! This DIPA is generously hopped with Ekuanot, Citra and Mosaic for bold tropical fruit aromatics. We then conditioned the beer on copious amounts of Tangerine. It pours a hazy orange color with a big white head. The mouthfeel appears quite soft with lots of complex fruit flavors and a slightly sweet finish to follow.
6.0% ABV
20.0 IBU
Waredaca Brewing Company
Gaithersburg, MD
Marzen lager aged 2 months grain to glass. Relatively dry though contains some malt sweetness.
Liquid Denial Mango Fett
Sour - Fruited
5.2% ABV
12.0 IBU
Tall Tales Brewing Company
Parsonsburg, MD
Deep in the hollow sands of Tatooine, the Sarlacc tired of digesting its victims over the millennia, heard tales of a new delicious sour line. Using fruits such as passionfruit and mango, he survives now on a fruit diet. Mango Fett lives on, freeze on carbonite for flavor.
IX [sardaukar edition] (Ghost 657)
IPA - Imperial / Double
8.3% ABV
27.0 IBU
Adroit Theory
Purcellville, VA
Citrus + Tropical Aromas Dominate, Undercurrent of Woodsy Pine, Low Bitterness. And I beheld a vision of an armored warrior. The armor was not his own skin; it was stronger than plasteel. Nothing penetrated his armor—not knife or poison or sand, not the dust of the desert or its desiccating heat. In his hands he carried the power to make the Coriolis storm, to shake the earth and erode it into nothing.
Potion of Healing (Ghost 432)
Blonde Ale
4.7% ABV
24.0 IBU
Adroit Theory
Purcellville, VA
Birch, lemon, and hints of orange blossom. A light bodied and simple Blonde ale highlighting notes of birch, fresh yuzu and orange blossoms. Our latest collaboration with DJ Dieselboy.
Pimp My Tuk Tuk
Spiced / Herbed Beer
5.3% ABV
17.0 IBU
Barley and Hops Brewpub
Frederick, MD
Light grist of pilsner, spelt and flaked rice doped up with a curry of Asian ingredients & fermented with lager yeast. We could describe it more, but just try it after answering these questions honestly: 1) Do you like Thai Food? - No? Order something else. 2) Do you have allergies to any of the following: lemongrass, galangal, coconut, kaffir lime, tamarind, sambal oelek, palm sugar, lactose or thai chili pepper? –No? You may proceed.

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