Inspired selections with a caring vibe


At Red, we pride ourselves on offering product that is not only friendly to the palate, but also friendly to our earth. What does this mean? 

All of the products on our shelves are vetted for sustainability, which can be practiced in many ways. Whether this means that the spent grain, a byproduct of beer production, is donated to local farms to feed livestock; the winery is powered exclusively by solar energy and provides education stipends to vineyard workers; or the distillery uses locally-grown non-gmo organic grain in production, we get the whole story so we can pass it on to you. The producers of many of our labels achieve sustainability practices that go beyond the standards of organic or biodynamic farming. Additionally, we offer many vegan products for those who desire a vegan lifestyle. With all of that said, some of our guests care very deeply about these issues and some of our guests just want good taste; at Red, we believe both can be achieved, and in fact, we believe that one enhances the other. 

Below are a list of online resources that may interest you in these topics. Check them out, or better yet, swing in to our cozy store and speak with anyone on our team about how Red lives out our mission to bring you the best of Earth-Friendly. We love what we do, and would love to share our passion for wine, beer & spirits, and the earth, with all of our guests.

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