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What makes Red different from other liquor stores?

A unique guest experience for any wine, beer & spirit need is what sets our boutique shop apart from others. At the top of our priority list is making sure every person who walks through our doors feels welcomed, comfortable, not overwhelmed by our selection, and leaves with exactly what they stepped in for. Because we take the time to taste-test and learn about the sustainability efforts for each wine on our shelves, guests feel confident that their purchase is not only going to taste great, but that it also matches their earth-friendly consciousness. We also believe that our unique, seasonal beer and spirits selections reveal our love of bringing the best of the craft to our guests. Each Red team member takes pride in being an expert on the products we carry, so please, ask us any questions you may have– you will see that we are eager to share! We promise that once you ‘taste the experience’ you will want to come back.

What does earth-friendly mean?

Every product on our shelves must receive the Red stamp of approval for being friendly to the earth, which can be practiced in many ways. Whether this means that the spent grain, a byproduct of beer production, is donated to local farms to feed livestock; the winery is powered exclusively by solar energy and provides education stipends to vineyard workers; or the distillery uses locally-grown non-GMO organic grain in production, we get the whole story so we can pass it on to you. The producers of many of our labels achieve sustainability practices that go beyond the standards of organic or biodynamic farming. Additionally, we offer many vegan products for those who desire a vegan lifestyle. We would love to talk to you more about all the various ways producers may implement earth-friendly practices on your next visit to Red.

Do I have to be ‘into’ organic wine or products to shop at Red?

No. We think guests are often surprised to find their favorite products are already created using sustainable practices, whether that means they are organic, vegan, or biodynamic. Many vineyards practice varying levels of organic and sustainability practices, but they do not tout it because they simply believe that is the way wine production should be done. Whether it is a wildlife sanctuary built in the middle of a vineyard site, implementation of renewable energy and zero-emissions electricity, or organic farming, most wineries practice a dedication to producing world-class wines while having a positive impact on the earth and their communities. Some of our guests relish this knowledge and make buying decisions based on these factors, and some of our guests aren’t even aware. At Red, we care equally about taste and an earth-friendly product. We know both can be achieved so we do the background research work for you! Whether you are into organic or just into taste, our store makes buying your wine, beer and spirits an enjoyable experience from the time you walk through the door to the time you finish your bottle.

Is buying organic wine more expensive than buying non-organic wine?

No. Like all wines, there are varying price points. You can find organic wine at any price– some as low as $10 and up to prices that fit a special occasion that warrant a special price. A lot of wine makers in 2017 use organic farming practices because they think it produces the best quality product regardless of price point. Many guests are surprised their favorite bottle of wine is already organic!

Can I really sample ANY time at Red?

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: We always have small-batch craft spirits open, our 6-tap growler station stocked with local brews is always flowing, and every weekend we have scheduled wine tastings – please check out our calendar of events, as we want to see you in Red. We hope you join us often to see what is new on our shelves!

How does a product make it to our Red’s hand-crafted wooden shelves?

Our team has a passion for being friendly to the earth, and it shows in the partnerships we have formed with crafters of world-class wine, beer & spirits. For a product to pass the “Red test,” it is first tasted by a team member for outstanding quality, as everyone wants something that tastes good! If we think the product might work for the store, we take the time to vet it for sustainability– is this wine organic, biodynamic, vegan? Is the winery a pioneer in sustainability efforts? We get the full scope of practice from each of the producers we work with so that we can pass their unique story on to you. Our team is happy to discuss the uniqueness of our product selection and their production efforts which allow them to make it onto our shelves, and hopefully to your home!

What sets the Red team apart?

Each staff member is integral to the success of our boutique business. Each member contributes their own unique vibe to the welcoming atmosphere that we strive to create here. When you join us at Red, we want you to feel right at home, whether you are sharing a sip of whiskey from our sample bar or inquiring about some of our personal favorites. We love sharing our in-depth knowledge of the back-story of each label and their earth-friendly practices. Please visit us soon, we would love to chat with you and share what we know!

What kind of bird is in your logo?

A swallow!